At The Kinkaid School, JDB电子官网希望学生利用科技作为他们学习过程中的一个重要部分,这样他们就能够:

●Act as active, responsible and ethical citizens in the digital realm

Communicate 思想和想法使用各种数字媒体

●创造和消费数字信息 小心和智能的技术

●Apply technology innovatively 在不同的设置和环境中


  1. The ability to use technology to persuasively communicate 他们的想法通过文字,图像,视频,声音,图形和其他视觉效果
  2. The ability to leverage technology as active citizens of the world
  3. 钻研计算机科学的经历, design, 工程和制造来创造新的和 novel solutions to the world’s problems

JDB电子官网努力通过使用技术作为一个完整的工具来JDB电子所有的课程来实现这些目标, when appropriate, through regularly scheduled technology-based classes in the Lower School and the Middle School; through a number of technology electives from seventh grade through the Upper School (as well as in Interim Term); and via a variety of extracurricular activities, including robotics.

Specific Division Technology


FTC World Championship

FTC SE Texas Regional Qualifier
'14, '15, '16, '17, '18, '19

VEX SE Texas Regional Qualifier
'16, '17, '18

Maker Movement

金凯德高中也参与了 the “maker” movement for several years, 现在它为学生提供了7台3D打印机和一台激光切割机, vinyl cutter and CNC mill. During the Interim Term, 使用这些工具的2D和3D设计和工程课程, as well as a “tinkering” class. During the school year, students are welcome to build, cut, 雕刻和制造他们选择的物品.

Middle School 1:1

Our 1:1 environment supports a student-centered approach 教师促进学习,而不是更传统的教师主导的授课模式. 学生在学习上有更多的选择和自主权, which leads to greater engagement, fulfillment and understanding.

The Launch Pad

低年级学校的每个班级每周都要去发射台参观, JDB电子官网专业技术空间用构件来教学建筑, coding, wearables and production. 这些模块为计算机科学奠定了基础, engineering, 为年轻学习者制作和设计, and prepare them for 自主学习和负责任的公民意识 as they grow.

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